TactiBrand specializes in helping successful independent advisors and broker/dealers. Clients that work with us share our passion when it comes to building clarity, creating credibility and loyalty through branding and, working smarter not harder.

TactiBrand (formerly Freedomarketing) is a branding boutique. We are not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all marketing company. Our focus is delivering high quality, intimate branding and marketing that is different every time. We never intend to become a mass-producing marketing firm; we prefer to be nimble and personal.

We’ve been helping financial advisors and broker/dealers since 2000 and we are proud of the way our clients continue to be our strongest advocates. There is a reason for that.  We work with each client with the clear knowledge that, when we help them achieve their goals in a way that inspires and ignites confidence, they will in turn eagerly refer like-minded professionals to us so they can share the same experience.

Our worst kept “secret” is that we have a structured process that ensures the path to success is simple and that maintaining that success is sustainable. We keep it simple by focusing on activities and strategies that drive results and are straightforward and inexpensive to implement.

Nothing makes us feel better than helping others achieve more. It’s the heartfelt gratitude that we receive again and again that keeps us going.

We’ve done it for hundreds of others, and we’d love the opportunity do to it for you. Take a look at our ideal client profile to see if you are interested in being part of the TactiBrand, tactical branding revolution.

Everyone in TactiBrand shares three simple goals.

Make it easy for business professionals to:

•    Achieve clarity and focus in how they want to build their business
•    Obtain exceptional ROI on their branding and marketing
•    Work less and receive more by duplicating their best and most profitable clients



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