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easyes-tThank you for taking the time to visit our website, watch our demo video and download this overview of ReferralPod. We’re confident our Inside-the-Box Thinking will hit a cord with you and your organization.

ReferralPod was developed to encourage professionals and institutions to simplify and grow referrals by making it easier to:

1. build your company’s referral network (we call these Pods),
2. refer business back and forth and most importantly,
3. track the progress and success of your company’s referral efforts.

Inside-the-Box Thinking
Have you ever noticed everyone seems to be looking for new ideas to be successful? Out-of-the-Box Thinking. The truth is, for most of us we already know what works; we’re just not very efficient at managing it. That’s what Inside-the-Box Thinking is; working with what we already know works and getting more efficient at it.

Simple is in. If your team and network can’t quickly and effortlessly learn and implement a system, you won’t accomplish anything. One of SuccessQuest’s mantras is, “simple trumps complex, always.” Some of the most successful sales people in history have done one or two things really well at any given time. They are implementers and ReferralPod makes it easy to implement.

Inspect What You Expect
Everyone knows that, “what gets measured, gets done”. And with today’s ultra competitive battle for the prospects’ mind-space, referrals are becoming increasingly critical to a firm’s survival and success.

Your Business Depends on Referrals
Quantuvis Consulting  recently reported that the average advisor derives 80% of their revenue from Referrals – 60% from Client Referrals and 20% from Centers of Influence. Advisors who produce between $1 Million and $2 Million, 95% of their revenue is derived from referrals. Ninety-five-percent. 75% from Client Referrals and 20% from Centers of Influence.

As powerful as this is, and as reasonable and unsurprising as it is, it’s absolutely mind-boggling that most institutions and professionals service firms still choose, day in and day out, to refer with sticky notes, emails and excel spreadsheets. Referrals...the most significant revenue generating tactic year-in and year-out, is almost always an afterthought; for institutions and professionals.

“To have a highly efficient business, it is incumbent on the business to have a highly efficient referral program.”
~Nathan Bergeland, CEO, SuccessQuest


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