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Referral Profile Page to promote Client Referrals via Social Media...

Social media is quickly becoming a viable source of introductions across the financial services community.


In addition to tracking internal and external referrals within financial institutions, ReferralPod now offers firms and professionals the ability to accept (and initiate) introductions from clients and social media contacts – non-users of ReferralPod. As a ReferralPod user, you now have the ability to create your own personal ReferralPod profile page with important contact information, social media links and an introduction to who you are and what you do.

  1. Be professional; adhere to a process for receiving referrals.
  2. Make it easy; provide clients and colleagues with simple link to refer you.
  3. Make a great 1st impression; introduce yourself with a professional profile.
  4. Ensure follow-through; manage every referral opportunity with the care it deserves.
  5. Develop ‘Best Practices’; measure where your referral success is coming from.
  6. Maximize referrals; duplicate your successes over and over.
  7. Start generating referrals from non-ReferralPod users with your “Recommend Me” link. It’s simple to set up.

My Extended Profile, enter:How to build your Referral Social Profile Page in ReferralPod

    • Photo
    • Bio
    • Certifications    
    • Education    
    • Address    
    • Telephone
    • Email    
    • Website
    • Social Media Profile Links

 My External Links, copy and send out link:Nathan Bergeland Referral Social Profile Page

    • Email to clients
    • Link from social profiles
    • Tweet link
    • Create short URL for print and web material (i.e. that leads to referral profile)
    • Create Recommend Me button on your website

Sample ReferralPod Profile Page: